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PAvCon Europe – Polizeiluftfahrtskonferenz Europe

PAvCon Europe Committee 2017-2019 Austria Belgium Germany Holland Slovenia Spain UK

“And the font of all world police aviation knowledge”
Neil Jeffrey

Intelligence and Covert Support Command


"Bryn, Gareth, I love the idea behind PAvCon, creating a network of Police aviators in Europe and abroad, together with the industry, but without the character of a sales event. I will continue to support this idea, if it is sustainable in the future.Gentlemen, it was a great pleasure to work with you in the last seven years. We will not lose contact and I'm looking forward to every issue of PAN and especially to meeting you again.

Thomas Helbig M.A.

Head German Federal Police Air Support Group

‘Empowering of European Public Order Aviation – The Networking Continues’